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RIU Awards Trophy

RIU Awards Trophy


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perpetuate pride with the creation of custom-made trophies

Protocole’s methodology revolves around three pillars: understanding, creation, and culmination. With you at the heart of our discussions, we take the time to understand your needs in order to create a custom trophy that inspires wonder and conveys your desired message. We’re incredibly proud to present some of our creations, which are the pride of those who have earned them.

Showcase your organization’s values with the message you want to communicate, or simply go for a theme that appeals to you. Commemorate excellence with an exclusive trophy created by Protocole. Capture moments of triumph and shine a light on incredible achievements.

Commemorating and immortalizing exceptional performance; fostering dedication and reinforcing a sense of belonging; highlighting achievements and milestones: these are just some of the reasons our creative work is so important. Honouring excellence and recognizing inspiring achievements: that’s our daily mission.

Forged from aluminum, polished like a mirror to reflect success, or finely brushed as a testament to the most remarkable achievements. A custom trophy bearing the Protocole signature is truly captivating, accentuated by its astonishing aesthetics, properties, and remarkable assembly. The transparency of glass, the workability and strength of acrylic, and the warmth of wood come together in harmony to immortalize your greatest achievements.

Backed by a creative process that’s both vibrant and rigorous, Protocole is proud to boast a thoughtful design process, coupled with impeccable build quality. This harmony is the essence of our custom trophies, designed to mark your most important memories.

Our design and manufacturing methodology never sacrifices aesthetics, quality, or affordability. Our technical knowledge and expertise in the creation of custom trophies enable us to reconcile these issues with thoughtful, innovative, and impressive solutions. Our creative process is informed by the number of trophies you need, your preferred materials, and a refined design, all while respecting your budget.


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